ART Websites and Activities

Sketch Pad

Geo Greetings

Word Art Online

Things to Print

Quick Draw

Auto Draw

 Color it By Numbers

How to Draw Cartoons 

Origami Mobile


MES Coloring

Make a Snowflake

Exploratorium Art


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Brush Ninja


Make Belief Comix



 Color it by Numbers

Picture Book Maker

Color in Motion

Fred Garbo Inflatable Arts

Coloring Fun

Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang


Weave Silk

Crayola Coloring Pages 

Sumo Painting

(lite version works)

PBS Kids

Art Games

 My Time Calendars

 Preschool Coloring Pages

MUSIC Websites and Activities

Chrome Music Lab

PBS Kids Music Games

Online Guitar Lessons

Things to Print

Star Fall Music

By composers

Disney Rhythm Recipes

Virtual Musical Instruments








More Art and Music Fun non Mobiles sites

Updated 5-22-2020